This work concerns an inquiry into the concept of Nomos, a Greek word meaning both habit and law. Humanity is dominated by Nomos because without it there is only the specter of nothingness, and hence we seek to come to both an understanding and institutionalization of Nomos. This book is a journey from philosophy’s genesis in Ancient Greece through the rise of Christianity and Western society, central in this journey is man’s search for meaning and his need for truth. The starting point of Nihilocracy is the conflict of Socrates, namely a yearning for meaning in the face of meaninglessness. We take both society and our way of life for granted, yet most forget all of this merely is a creation out of habit. Even the concept of freedom is something most never understand, as we tend to prefer the limited scope of the simulations in which we trap ourselves. The whole of our life, both as an individual and as a part of society, is dominated by a conflict between self and other, and hence even our spiritual concerns are nothing but manifestations of ethical ambiguity. The aim of this work is not so much to solve anything, but rather to elucidate what prefers to remain hidden.

Coming soon: A Taste For Truth (early Greek philosophy)